What's Wrong With Charging Your Battery On Sundays?

And God is able to make ALL grace abound toward you, that you, ALWAYS having ALL sufficiency in ALL things, may have an abundance for EVERY good work.
— 2 Corinthians 9:8

Do you ever feel like you need a God-energy recharge in the middle of the week?

When I started getting serious about the new life God had given me through Jesus, I worked pretty hard at it. I was trying to live better, do the right things, break bad habits, be a good example for everyone around me, and share the good news I had found with others.

It was exhausting.

Every Monday was a fresh start. Recharged after Sunday services and time in worship, I tackled the world. But by Wednesday I was lagging, by Friday I was dragging, and by Saturday night I wondered if I’d even have energy enough to go to church the next morning.

Finally I went to God, and since He’s okay with us being up front with Him, I just put it out there: “Hey, what’s up with this? Why can’t I seem to sustain this effort all week? How am I supposed to get from one Sunday to another? This isn’t working for me!”

What He showed me was so simple, but I’m still digging deeper into it, even decades later. I saw an image of a battery, and charging up the battery every time it ran out of energy. Then the image of a wall outlet and a cord plugged in, receiving continual power.


TAKING IT TO HEART: Are you charging up your batteries every Sunday? Or are you plugged in to the Source all day, every day?

CHALLENGE: What’s ONE WAY you can “plug in” during your regular weekday? Share your ideas with a friend (along with this article) and encourage each other to good works!