A Mystery In The Deep (One Way God Speaks To Us)

I was ankle deep in the ocean waves, sand shifting under my feet. He beckoned me deeper, and the waves came up to my knees. But it didn’t stop there.


This was a dream, and in the dream, an angel drew me under the waves and into the sea, spiraling down as I held my breath and hoped I could handle going as deep as he wanted me to go.

The underwater world was bursting with life. Colors I’d never seen before in real life dazzled my eyes. And as we took this undersea tour, I had the distinct impression that when God draws you into His ocean, you can breathe underwater.

But before I could test this theory, I woke up.

The Lord likes to puzzle me.

Over the years, I’ve concluded that it’s because He loves relationship. And because He knows me, inside and out. It’s one of our private jokes, like the kind best friends have. If He gives me a puzzle, I’ll think about it until the answer to it comes clear. The enigma of breathing underwater combined with the idea of God drawing me deeper into the waters of His Spirit stayed on my mind for years (it’s still there).

And then this song came out…

And this one…

Seems like I wasn’t the only one God spoke to using the ocean metaphor. In fact, I think it’s safe to say God wants us all to go deeper with Him.

TAKING IT TO HEART: How does God get your attention? Do you have a way to recognize when He’s talking to you?

CHALLENGE: Think back over your life. When did you most clearly feel God was telling you something?

Did He speak through Christian friends? Something in the Bible you read? Did you have an impression in your heart or an idea in your mind? Share one of these moments with a trusted friend. Ask them how God gets their attention.

BONUS POINTS: Leave a comment below with a story from the Bible about God interacting with someone. What's your favorite part of what God did?