Old For New

One of the ways we stayed connected with God during the week is by bringing Sunday worship into our Monday through Friday lives. (I love that one of our commenters already brought this up a couple of weeks ago!)

I heard "Old For New" for the first time this month. I was drawing in my living room (one of the ways I like to relax) and not really paying attention to the video on my TV at first. Then I saw what was happening on the screen. It was an hour-long worship service and they were baptizing people next to the stage while the band played and the people sang, and the words suddenly hit home.

Joy, begin to rise
Hope, begin to light the dark
Our God exchanges old for new

Dawn has conquered night and
Death has lost to life and now
We are exchanging old for new

Oh, the depths of joy in this song. The hope and excitement of that first love came rushing back. What a miracle that we daily exchange old life for this new life, ever new, every day a clean slate, a fresh start!

You turn our flame into a fire
In you we walk in the impossible
We take Your love into the world
We let our light shine
We let it burn!

Let’s let our light shine during the time we have between Sundays. This is the time we can shine the brightest, as we walk through the dark nights of the soul that surround us in the world.


Make the most of that YouTube app on your phone or smart TV. Create playlists of your favorite worship songs. Not sure where to start? Bethel Music and Elevation Worship both have songs we use here at LCLC, and their playlists are set up so that if you watch one song, it will automatically go to another, and another, and another. Great for when you’re working out, driving, making dinner, or for background music in the house.

P.S. Here’s the 1-hour worship service, which includes the song “Old for New”: