When You Can't Find Time For God


Do you ever feel like you want more time with God, but it’s hard to fit it in?

It seems almost blasphemous to say “I don’t have time for God” but at the same time if He knows everything, then surely He’s seen your schedule and will understand. Won’t He?

Yes. Yes, He will. He does see everything, and He has counted the hairs on your head. He knows when a bird falls out of the sky, and you better believe He cares about you more than a sparrow (see Luke 12:7). He knows all about the soccer ball games for your kids, the extra shifts at work, the homework and studying for finals, the hours in the ER, the long commutes. 

He sees, and He cares.

How do I know? First, because that's what the Bible tells us. But also because my experience in life proves it out. He saw me when I was drowning in this struggle as a young mother.

My Father in heaven and closest friend watched as my “alone time” with Him disappeared, as every daylight hour was spent interacting with children or catching up on lost sleep. If you haven’t had kids, you may not know this, but some toddlers want to FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO, INCLUDING INTO THE BATHROOM. Talk about no privacy!

Before having children, I hadn’t realized how much I relied on my alone times with God. I worked in an office, and I had prayer time available during my commute, bible study during lunch, prayer and praise during walks on my breaks. Plenty of opportunity to fill my God tank!

But as a young mother, if I started to sing a worship song and closed my eyes to soak in God’s Presence, it wasn’t 30 seconds before little hands were tugging on my pants leg and demanding I pay attention to the castle they’d built with blocks on the kitchen floor. After a year with a toddler and an infant, I was baffled and drained and desperate. Surely God didn’t intend for mothers to completely lose their relationship with Him just because they were caring for little ones? What was I missing?

I had to learn to do God-time a different way.

If your schedule is packed full and leaves you hungry for more of God, you may relate to this struggle. If we’re to draw closer to God, how are we supposed to do that with all the demands on our time?

Are you ready for a paradigm shift? Brace yourself: 

Instead of trying to squeeze Him into some corner of your schedule,

start including Him in everything you’re already doing.

Just stop for a moment and let that sink in. Picture it. Imagine God right there with you every minute of your busy schedule. Available to help, ready with answers, inspiration, strength when you need it most. 


TAKING IT TO HEART: Do you have a constant awareness of God’s presence with you and in you every day? Or do you mostly think about Him on Sundays or in a quick prayer right before you fall asleep? If PG&E could read your God-meter, what would it say?

CHALLENGE: Make God a part of every moment. It may be easier to start with times you can be alone during your normal schedule. What about your commute, lunch hour, break times?

Use those times to re-focus on Him, to remind yourself that He’s right there with you. If you are on your way somewhere, ask God to be part of what happens when you get there, to give you wisdom for decisions, courage for facing conflict, or kind words to share with those you meet.

P.S. If you CAN carve a chunk of time out for devoted time with God, you’ll be glad you did. But whether you make time for “God dates” or not, becoming more aware of His presence in you every moment is the ultimate way to live!