Let's Be Real (Otherwise What's The Point?)


You may have seen me at church this Sunday. I was the overweight, curly-haired lady with the twinkling eyes and the blue jacket. You may not know it, but I’m something of a computer geek. I dream of publishing books that touch people’s hearts, I make fantastic family-style tacos (just ask Pastor Bill), and when I look happy to see you at church, I really am.

But I need to confess something. I’m two weeks behind on this blog. Everything was going so well until the holidays hit, and then after three months of faithful weekly blogging, I slipped up. I missed a week.

“No problem, I can fix this,” I thought.

Another week slipped by, and no blog.

Yesterday I thought, “It’s fine, I’ll just write three and backdate two of them, and nobody will ever know I hadn’t published them on time. After all, who’s reading these things, anyway?”

Hiding Our Imperfections = Shallow Relationships

I was tempted to cover up the lack of posts. But my conscience was hearing from the Holy Spirit, and I started asking myself: What’s this blog really about? What’s our church about? Is that really the kind of online relationship I want to have? One where I hide my mistakes and pretend that I’m perfect?

No. Absolutely not. 

So today this blog is coming out Monday (oops! make that Tuesday) instead of Wednesday, and we’ll probably have two posts this week. Because I’m not perfect, and that’s okay. 

This is real life, lived out Between Sundays.

Is Your Church A Family, Or A Perfection Contest?

If you attend here at LCLC, we hope you’ve seen by now: we want church to be family. Family members are real with each other. We cry together, we celebrate together, we dedicate our children and get baptized together. (And have you noticed the way people tease Pastor Bill about his love for the Rams football team? You should get in on that action.)

Life is too short (and too challenging) to live it alone. We need each other. God designed community to give us all a better life. We can share successes and help each other through failures.

(Speaking of admitting failures: I had to do an Internet search to verify that “the Rams” was a football team. Oh, and did you know? They’re based in Los Angeles! I learn something new every day. Yeah, I’m the type of geek that doesn’t watch sports. See? I’m being real with you.)


Let’s Be Real

(Introduce Yourself in the Comments)

If you’re reading this blog, whether or not you attend our church on Sundays, I want to get to know you better. I’ve shared a few random things about myself in this post, both positive and negative. (Sorry, Pastor, I’m just never going to be a Rams fan like you. I hope the tacos work as some form of consolation.) 

Please drop a comment below, introduce yourself, and tell me one or two random things about you! If you see me on Sunday, tell me something real. Something about your week, your family, your dreams, your struggles. 

Because real is where it’s at.

For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.
— Jesus, in Matthew 18:20 (NKJV)