More of God Is Simple Math


During worship this past Sunday, we sang these words: “I want more of You, God, I want more of You!”

And I heard in my heart: “More of Me is simple math.”


What astounded me (because hearing from God never gets old) was that as Pastor Bill unfolded the sermon, it became clear that his message was the same as the one I heard in my heart before he preached. The topic was the spiritual disciplines, and he spoke about prayer, bible study and fasting.

If we want more of God (more tangible evidence of His presence, that is, because He's always there), we need to add more prayer and bible study, which usually involves making room for these activities by taking something else out.


If we desire more of God in our lives, it truly is as simple as taking out something we currently spend time on and replacing it with time focused on God (in prayer, in bible reading, in worship).

The real trick is being consistent with it. Skipping a TV show to spend time with God or have a family bible study one night per week will bring a little bit more of God. Replacing our 80’s music playlist with audio sermons, worship music, or audio bible reading, during our 1-hour gym workout every day will bring a lot more of God.

TAKING IT TO HEART: How badly do you want “more of God” in your life? Are you willing to make a change to your daily habits?

CHALLENGE: What can you set aside in your life and replace with "God stuff"? Pick one thing and be consistent for the next 30 days.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…
— James 4:8 (NKJV)